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By | 26th August 2020

The Breitling Summit in Los Angeles proved to be a busy landing zone for the entire Breitling Avenger Squadron. The above mentioned Breitling Pilot 8 Mosquito chronograph has been released in 14 new references. These new models continue replica Breitling watches product reorganization under the leadership of Georges Kern and add the “Pilot 8” and “Classic Pilot” to the “Space Chronograph”. “Part of the. The new Avenger collection combines the old Avenger style with the Brightling Colt style, thus further simplifying the catalogue. Not only Schneider-era Bright Ring fans, but also those who enjoyed the brand’s inherited “inheritance” stage will be pleased with the color range and unusual sizes.

In terms of demographic diversity, Brightling performs well. The “real astronaut” in question is Scott Kelly, who has spent a staggering 520 days in space. I’m not sure if his resemblance to Georges Khan was intentional or accidental, but I need to check and reiterate the press release to make sure the boss wasn’t just wearing a spacesuit. I think it’s interesting that it exists. And tell him to make the best impression.

In fact, luxury Breitling watch has experience in space exploration. In 1962, it became the first Swiss chronograph in space when the astronaut left the wrist of American astronaut Scott Carpenter.

The next ambassador to actually launch was Spanish jet pilot Losiegon Salles Torres, who was the first woman to fly 1,000 hours at the controls of an F-18 (wow). It’s unlikely that Torres will be mistaken for the mastermind behind Brightling’s ongoing makeover, but she’s more likely to attract the attention of female fans due to her strong and generally bad image. I would. For me, her recruitment was the highlight of the marketing campaign. Because having real pilots to promote an established aviation facility is more like a brand than a real Hollywood pilot.

The three-man aerial flight was conducted by teenage drone pilot Luke Banister. A member of Banister and Xbredes Racing, he is a genius at drone handling and proudly wears the 45mm Avenger Chronograph 45 Night Mission, representing the next generation of pilots and watch enthusiasts. The Olive Green Dial Night Mission is one of the best missions in the series and one of four night mission models in DLC coated titanium.

The Avenger series itself debuted in 2001, three years older than the Bannister (15). This required an update and the integration with the Colt models made the entire series much easier to understand. It’s nice to see that Seawolf has an impressive yellow dial, but the hurricane-inspired invisible watch uses yellow in a different way.

One of the most important things about these models is the interior movement. The Avenger model does not use replica Breitling Avenger Watches internal components, but is powered by a Breitling-branded ETA movement. This is wise, considering how “simplified” these clips are. These watches, with a diameter of 48 mm, are an excellent symbol, ready to hang on the wrist of a new generation of watch lovers. For those who like sophisticated imitation Breitling watch style and message but lack the wrist structure to remove it, certain reference sizes are as small as 43mm. although this is hardly small, the wider and thicker rotating bezel means that a 43mm wide Breitling will experience less wear and tear than expected.

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