The annual watch event, the 2021 Tobu World Watch Show repo!

By | 1st September 2021

On the first day of the show, I came to the venue to find out for myself. What surprises does the Tobu World Watch Fair have in store for you this year? Follow me on the first day of the exhibition to find out!

The line-up for the Tobu World Watch Fair 2021 remains strong, with 34 familiar brands such as Omega, Bremont, Longines, Crown Ranger, Montblanc and Rolex exhibiting. At the show, you will not only be able to see the latest models from each brand up close, but also rare Japan-only models and special models that are only available in selected shops.

Also participating in the exhibition was Ishiguni Shoten, Japan’s oldest watchband manufacturer. During the show, Ishiguni Shoten will be offering free watch repair estimates and will also have a watch accuracy meter to check the accuracy of watches on site.

Although there will be a lot to see, I would like to introduce you to the PLATINUM by CASIO OCEANUS.

Every year, OCEANUS introduces a new watch with a fantastic design that incorporates traditional Japanese craftsmanship,replica breitling watches and after the Edo Nitro, this year we present the Maki, which originated after the Heian period.

The PLATINUM Maki-e script disc can be seen in the making, a perfect blend of the traditional Kyo-maki craft and the advanced skillful beauty that OCEANUS strives for.

The watch can also be calibrated with a dedicated app to ensure absolute accuracy.

The next watch is from the popular Crown Blue Lion.

The new SBGC240 by Crown Blue Lion is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and is only available in salons. A limited edition for the 140th anniversary of Seiko’s founding, the SBGC240 has a combination of 18-carat yellow gold and black baked porcelain frame, which is both flamboyant and sensual. The SBGC240 is also the pinnacle of accuracy, with an error of just 15 seconds a month.

The SBGC240 also comes with a great value crocodile leather strap.

This year, BREITLING is launching the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph B01 with its brilliant iridescent black mother-of-pearl dial, the distinctive glow of natural mother-of-pearl changing the image of a man’s watch from a plain one.

Next to this watch with a green dial is a collaboration with Bentley, which will end in December this year and with it the distinctive green dial will become the “last word”. If you like this watch, hurry up!

OMEGA’s dive watch 300M has been an unprecedented success. This extremely unique watch has a black baked porcelain case, bezel, dial with wave pattern, crown and gas escape valve, all of which are mature and sophisticated. At the same time the precision surpasses even that of the watch’s big brother, Rolex.

You can also find the collaboration model for this Tokyo Olympics at OMEGA.

After looking at such men’s watches come and admire this women’s watch from PIAGET.

The cherry red shade of this watch is particularly eye-catching. Although it is red all around, there is nothing tacky about it – it is what is known as a “vibrant red”. If you want to show off your youthful energy,replica watches try this watch.

Also at the show, you can see a 30 million yen decorative gold watch. This watch, which combines the skills of Japanese craftsmen, is made up of a soft, lightweight solid gold chain with countless brilliant diamonds. As artisans become increasingly rare, so do watches of this sophistication.

The front and back of the watch are different and can be worn interchangeably.

This time, Longines continues to offer a watch with the theme of “pilot’s spirit”, with a very simple style and a soft mocha strap. The warranty has also been extended to five years with the improved quality of the watches.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to the “Ishiguni Shop”, a special exhibition.

A wide range of watch straps. Among them are cowhide, pigskin, alligator, deerskin, lizard skin and the rare snake skin. In addition to the usual stainless steel, the metal watches are also available in expensive solid gold and sterling silver.

Straps can also be made to order for an additional fee and can be easily removed and replaced.

Tobu Department Store has created a safe and secure shopping environment for our customers during the epidemic. Take the opportunity to see the rare and popular models up close and take advantage of this opportunity to choose your favourite watch.

The Tobu World Watch Fair 2021, which is always a surprise, will open on Thursday, August 19 and run for seven days until Wednesday, August 25. The theme of the exhibition is “Quality and Story – Watches with Value for the Heart.”

Why own a watch in a society where time is confirmed by a smartphone? It is not only to confirm the time, but also because of its appealing character and superior quality. It is also because of the stories that lie dormant in the abyss of time. The watch itself has become a special presence condensed from the story, a story from which one can look back every time one checks the time.
The New Crown epidemic, which has been going on since last year, has made the major watch brands review their new product plans and decide to create and launch new products with the aim of “providing more valuable watches” from the customer’s point of view. Let’s take a look at three of this year’s top watch trends.

  1. The “Panda-Face” chronograph
    The “Panda” chronograph, as it is called due to its black and white appearance, has gained a lot of popularity as a return to the designs that were popular in the 1950s and 1970s. The secret to its popularity is its retro yet cute design.
  2. Dwelling on the brilliance of diamonds
    Undaunted by the stagnant climate, this year’s collection features a number of luxury models with diamonds. Among them is a rainbow model with seven colours of stones! This model is now popular overseas.
  3. A quick and easy change
    There were also many models at the fair that can be easily and quickly changed from one strap to another. No special tools are needed, so you can easily change the straps yourself. Especially for those who are busy early in the morning, such models are sure to be popular.

A limited edition model for Seiko’s 140th anniversary, with a combination of 18-carat yellow gold and black baked porcelain frame. With an energy window at 7 o’clock, it is instantly recognisable that it is powerful enough to last 72 hours.

As the first high-precision mechanical watch with a mother-of-pearl dial, the light can be appreciated at different angles. Of course, the texture is also unique thanks to the use of mother-of-pearl, a natural material. In addition, the special Japan-only model is a great incentive to own this watch, right?

The case, the bezel, the wave-patterned dial, the crown and the gas escape valve are all made of black baked porcelain for a sophisticated and refined finish. For diving performance, the indices and hands are coated with a super-luminous coating of non-smoking charcoal particles to ensure visibility.

A replica of the popular 1950s model, the silvered opaline dial with its vertically striped indexes and sword-shaped hands is a unique touch. The drive is made of a fine spring made of silicone plastic, which is renowned for its high precision and magnetic resistance. 38.5 mm case diameter also gives the impression of a good size.

The case is 9.3 mm thick to give it a sleek, ultra-thin design. The bezel and dial are decorated with maki-e on white gold. This watch is a perfect blend of the traditional Kyo maki-e technique and the advanced technical beauty sought by OCEANUS.

The women’s watches in PIAGET’s iconic Possession collection have been given a new colour. The diamond-set bezel in pink gold is freely rotatable.
The dark pink dial, highlighted by diamond dotted indices, and the crocodile leather strap of the same colour, which can be freely swapped out, give the watch a wealth of possibilities. Suitable for all occasions, the Possession is an intimate companion for women.

The Ishiguni Shop, where you can create your own customised strap

Ishiguni Shoten is the oldest strap manufacturer in Japan and has inherited traditional techniques to produce straps of a higher quality than the original. One of the most exclusive straps is the Kunistein collection, which was created in ’69 and uses the finest leather straps, while pursuing the “Herikaeshi” technique of folding the leather on the face into the back. The Rocotte, which is still very popular today, is available in a wide range of colours and with a sophisticated lining, as well as an excellent customisation service.

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